Khamis, 27 Mei 2010

Malaysian Chinese: Bully Or Bullied?

MCA are now talking the same rhythm as DAP that are to set aside Malay rights and privileges.

Datuk Chua Soi Lek assert that Chinese community issues is not trifling matters but involved intellectual such as education, scholarship, promotions, judiciary and crime.

However, issues involving judiciary and crime are the ground used by opposition to continued their rebel.

To those who do not understand opposition’s modus operandi, here is an education about them or “Opposition Parties in Malaysia for Dummies”:

1. An offender could not win a case in court if the judge and police are dedicated to their job, sincere and clean. The opposition have no other option than to pollute authorities image in order to win in court.

2. Government that govern a country strongly base on harmony could not be defeated through a fair election. So the opposition must raise issues of races, allegation towards judiciary and law in order to shake and separate people support to win the election.

3. Government that govern the country do not have major problems and could not be destroy easily. Base on this, opposition created allegations and provocation on issues that could weaken the nation to champion for the people.
In the year 1956, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra had requested from British to accept non Malay as citizen automatically without conditions.

Malay rights and privileges had been clearly line out in Federal Constitution. The fact is that Malay Supremacy have become a basic including law in connection with preserving Malay rights and place as the majority citizen.

Which part of the history that Datuk Chua, MCA, DAP, PKR and PAS do not understand, respect and believe? It is written in history and cannot be changed anymore.

Through scientific, mathematics and both eyes, the world can see that Chinese community are living luxuriously in the country. But why they do not feel satisfied towards Malay for their rights and privileges.

This is because the human character that never felt enough.

As a human being, we need toleration to survive. Chinese community must see what they have not otherwise.

They must learn to appreciate what they have and thankful how they obtain it.

Stop acting as a victim because you are not and you look as a bully.

It is easy for Datuk Chua and Chinese community telling government to change procedure and rewrite law and constitution.

What about the law written for private sectors owned by Chinese?

How can we ascertain that YTL, Public Bank, Alliance Bank, Subang Parade, KLCC and Alamanda not to discriminate Malay. Even beauty saloon are racist in choosing its workers.

Worse of all, Malay could not fight back in this matter as they would be labelled as racist.

Just admit that Chinese are racist. For an example, the existence of China Town worldwide up to the stage that the originator from the countries do not feel comfortable about it.

There will be no happy ending if Chinese continued not to admit that they have better living and racist.

If Chinese dream of their children to become a Malaysian Prime Minister, then their children need to be taught to accept Malaysia as it is including races, schools, history, kings, cultures, languages and its beauties. In other words, be a 1 Malaysia or else, do not blame people for telling you to return to China to fulfil your children dream.

Source: Malaysia Instinct

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

1 question: why you think malay cannot be independant? Why they always need special right? is it because they have special right make them unable to be independant? even after 1 thousand years, if the special right is there, malays are still the same? get wat i mean? malay should have longer sight! human are very simple, if since young they hav been taught that they hav no worry bout their life cuz someone will take care of them for the rest of their life, then this child will forever a child that wont even worry bout his life, only worry bout the guy who can supply their needs. so, wake up!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hey, use proper english or use BAHASA